How to get a VISA to Vietnam?

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How to get a last minute travel visa?

Dreaming of a trip abroad, but didn't get your visa yet? How do you get visas at the last minute? Find more tips below.

What to do to get a last minute travel visa?

It's true that it can take some time to get visas when travelling to several countries that require necessary documentation. But you have to know it before setting out on your backpacker trip. At first, you have to check out if your passport is still valid. Why? Sometimes, you have to submit your passport to get a visa. As a matter of fact, if you need visas, your passport need to have a six month validity after the date of return home. Just ask your tour operator and they may give you a letter to confirm that you are going on a trip. But if it isn't the case, it can be a big risk for you to travel in any other countries.

Opting for last minute holidays and getting a last minute travel visa differ hugely from country to country. As a case in point, if you are taking a trip to Europe or to the United Kingdom, you will need a Schengen visa that is a fairly straightforward process. However, when you need visas and consider renting a car as you can see here, try to get it to some agencies that offer free insurance coverage every time you use your card. In other words, check out if they provide insurances by the auto rental agency so that you can save your money.


How about paying a company to gain easily a visa?

When choosing how to get a last minute travel visa, paying a company is a good idea to ease the pain. You can avoid any queues at the local embassy but for a service charge. For example, you can apply for a visa with Visa Central that would provide you a wider range of services you need. You can also go to Travcour for your visa requirements. They will charge a fee in the range of £50-£150. Nevertheless, if you need a national visa, fees will vary depending on the length of your stay or visit. In the event you want to go in Vietnam, don't forget that you must get your application in six weeks before your journey. And if you are heading to Burma, you need to apply eight weeks before you travel to get a Burmese visa.

An ESTA and an ETA may be required to enter a country, and you can obtain them for a lower fee, unless you apply them directly with the US and Australian governments. On the other hand, if you are an American going to most popular tourist countries, then you don't need visas, unless you intend to stay for a long time in the country. Note that these following countries require a visa: Egypt, Brazil, India, Russia, China, and Jordan. Just remember to allow time before you travel to get your visa as early as possible you want. That is to say, you should leave yourself plenty of time and check the exact requirements for your visa.