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US citizens no longer have to apply one year visa to Vietnam

An impressive destination to the US young people

According to US department of commerce, Vietnam has been an attractive destination for US citizens with over 500,000 in 2016 (an increase of 33% compared to 2015)

Many famous magazines in USA have voted Vietnam as an ideal place for visiting. Is endowed with many stunning landscape and the improved service quality, Vietnam is more and more attractive to US citizens. Recently, Vietnam has seen a significant increase in tourists especially, US citizens.

“Vietnam has become a favorite destination for US young people from 18 to 35 year old thanks to the impressively practical experiences” said Mr Duc Manh from Vietnam Today Travel.

The first attraction is cultural tourism: almost US citizens love it because, they can both visit places and explore diversified local culture in Vietnam. There are many favorite places including, Hanoi, Hoi An or Hue…

The second attraction is leisure tourism: with over 3200 km coastline and beautiful islands and bays, Vietnam is an ideal destination for leisure tourism which are mostly chosen by US citizens especially, beach leisure…

The third attraction is adventure tourism: this is a new type of tourism in Vietnam but really attracts international visitors including Son Dong cave (known as the biggest cave in the world)…


One year multi-entry Vietnam visa for US citizens removed

US visitors to Vietnam can apply single entry visa with the stamp fee of USD 25 instead of USD 135 for multi-entry as before.

“On Feb 14th, after consulting with ministry of affairs, ministry of public security has directed the Vietnam Immigration Department to deploy visa to US citizens traveling to Vietnam based on their requests through organizations, companies or agents in Vietnam which provide letter of invitation or guarantee up to 01 year and multi-entry”, said representative of Vietnam Immigration Department (ministry of public security). Accordingly, based on the regulation of ministry of finance, the visa stamp fee is USD 25 for single entry and USD 135 for multi entry.

For US individual citizens can apply E-visa with the stamp fee of USD 25.

Mr Nguyen Thanh Toan, marketing director of Vietnam Original Travel said: it is a good news and very logical that US citizens to Vietnam in a short time can apply short-stay visa (one month or three month with single entry). The one year visa is not necessary which may make US citizens uncomfortable.

According to the agreement (valid on May 29th 2016) between Vietnamese and US governments, US citizens to Vietnam with the purpose of traveling, conferencing, meeting or exhibiting will be automatically provided 01 year - multi-entry visa..

However, many Vietnam travel agencies said that the policy only fits with businessman who may travel to Vietnam some times in year, but it is a barrier to others.

After some months of performance, US government has exchanged the diplomatic note to Vietnam that it is not wrong that Vietnam allows US citizens apply single entry and under 01 year visa based on the bi-direction agreements.